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April Angel is available now!

April Angel is an album of original songs written by Ashlyn Clark over the course of about a year. Very much in the singer-songwriter vein, the album features Ashlyn on vocals, Peter Buck on drums, Dave Tibbetts on acoustic guitar, and Ryan on everything else! The album officially drops April 1st, but you can download it here now!



Here's a little more info about this album for those interested.

I heard Ashlyn sing a cover of a popular song a couple of years ago and immediately asked her if she wanted to collaborate and make an album. After hearing my latest album I Was Here, she rightly asked, "Is it going to be jazz?" Most definitely not!

We sat down and talked through the tunes, discussing lyric and harmonic choices, instrumentation, and overall vibe. We recorded a rough demo, and it was time to get some pros on the job.

Peter Buck recorded some stellar (as always) drumming, and Dave Tibbetts came in to lay down some very tasty acoustic guitar. It was then up to me to figure out the rest: bass, piano, electric guitar, ukulele, and lap steel guitar. Phew! Finally, Ashlyn came back into the studio to record final vocals over a whirlwind few days, and the album was tracked! 

This album represents not only Ashlyn's journey from one phase of her life to another, but also an unexpected collaboration that brought us closer as musicians and family. It also gave me a chance to explore different instruments other than my main instrument, as well as producing, recording, and mixing.

I'm really proud of this album, and I hope you enjoy it!


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