The Gist

Ryan Rost plays electric and upright bass. He is a musician, improviser, composer, and part-time therapist to his drummer. Whatever he’s listening to at the moment, he wants to play and write, so he’s constantly shifting gears from jazz to rock to funk to minimalist-ambient-computer-music based on randomly generated numbers. He’s written music for jazz trio, solo computer, string quartet, solo harp, and bass and shakuhachi. “Why not?” is his life goal and ethics basis.


“The oddest project I worked on was writing music for a short dance video. The choreographer and I never met in person, and we worked backward. She sent rehearsal footage, to which I wrote and recorded musical sketches played entirely by the computer. She would approve it, then finally she sent the entire five minute completed film. The dancing was already done, and there was still no music! She choreographed according to her ideas, then I would add music that I thought was appropriate. I wrote the remaining music and synced it with the video just a few days before it was to be submitted. It turned out surprisingly well, and most importantly, the choreographer loved it.”


Ryan is currently working on a multifarious album of songs for no other reason than to do it, assisting with a revival of the Broadway musical The Lieutenant, and playing jazz versions of 80s rock tunes on the weekends. Swatches and pegged pants required.


Education, Accomplishments, Experience, Oh My!


  • B.A. English, UC Irvine
  • B.M. Jazz Bass, UC Irvine
  • M.F.A. Music, UC Irvine
  • Private Lessons – Luther Hughes, Art Davis, Darek Oles, Dennis Trembly, Jack Cousin,

    Nicole Mitchell

  • Master Classes – Steve Coleman, Bert Turetzky, Vinko Globokar
  • Getty Foundation Scholarship recipient, 2002
  • Honorable Mention, American Harp Society Composition Competition 2014
  • Music Director/Contractor, Parkers’ Lighthouse Restaurant, 2005 – present
  • Music Director/Contractor, Better Living SoCal Real Estate, 2016 – present
  • Performance on the Ellen Degeneres Show
  • Performances with Kenny Burrell, Jeff Hamilton, Frank Devito, James Newton, Marla Gibbs, Frank Potenza, Barry Zweig, Ron Anthony, Ron Stout, Carl Saunders, Sal Cracchiolo, Mark Massey, Llew Matthews, Page Cavanaugh, and others.
  • Experience using Ableton Live, Push, Sibelius, Max MSP software.